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They say good food equals a good mood, and sploot’s more than happy to make that happen for your dog with balanced & fresh meals which are formulated by a canine nutritionist.

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  • Say no to fussiness 🥺

    "I'm so happy we've put Wasabi on Millet-o-Fish! His digestion is so much better (touchwood). I don't have to beg him to eat anymore 😭"

  • Bowls licked clean 👅

    "Your food is god-sent for us. Zoozoo has always been a picky eater - nutritious food was a constant struggle. Now we're seeing him gobble up sploot meals in one go!"

  • Match made in heaven ❤️

    "We're in love with you guys. Taking the dog walking services from you and our kid has never been happier."

  • Makes returning to work easier 🦴

    "Sploot's walking services were a blessing for us just as we started going back to office. We are amazed at their professionalism, live tracking, and post-walk care for Snoopy."

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sploot dog walking services image. Hire your sploot dog walkers to walk your dog in gurgaon.

Dog Walking | We Walk The Talk

The secret to a happy and healthy dog? A walk done right! Rely on sploot’s trained and experienced dog walkers to get your dog the walk they deserve.

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What makes sploot so special?

  • Happy dogs make our tails wag

    A full bellied, active and happy dog is the only positive feedback we look forward to.

  • We understand dog parents

    We get how taking care of your dog can be hectic sometimes, and we want to help!

  • We're pros at belly rubs

    Food + exercise + belly rubs = a appy dog, and we'd like to think we've mastered all 3.

  • We love dogs and they love us

    This mutual love is what makes us strive to get only the best for everyone's fur babies!