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Sploot is a community-led platform for better pet parenting. Our aim is to make the journey of pet-parenting as easy is possible by empowering pet-parents with the right knowledge, support system and access to products and services.

We provide all the informative content pet parents need ranging from canine behaviour, health and nutrition on our app. Not only that, pet parents can get access to boarding centres, vets and behaviourists all for free. In addition to our digital app, we provide fresh dog food, dog walking and grooming services.

With over 100K downloads across the Play Store and App Store, sploot has delivered 80,000+ meals across the city and offered 100,000+ dog walks in the Delhi-NCR region alone. Our community-led platform currently boasts 82K+ followers on Instagram. We only aim to grow so that no pet parent is left behind in raising their four legged friend.

“The idea for Sploot came from seeing generations of pet parents learn by making the same mistakes over and over again with their pets. We want to harness this collective learning by helping pet parents learn from each other - and experts in the space. We believe that education about pet parenting is the first step towards influencing purchase decisions,” said Garima, Co-Founder, Sploot.

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