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A healthy meal that’s cooked with 100% human grade ingredients and has zero preservatives will keep your dog healthier, happier and more fit.

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We package our fresh food in hermetically sealed containers to prevent spoilage called retort packaging.

The technology uses steam or superheated water for sterilising the food in the package, thus extending the shelf life and ensuring its safety.

Your dog gets all the benefits of fresh and nutritious food with none of added chemicals or preservatives.

  • Say no to fussiness 🥺

    "I'm so happy we've put Wasabi on Millet-o-Fish! His digestion is so much better (touchwood). I don't have to beg him to eat anymore 😭"

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    "Your food is god-sent for us. Zoozoo has always been a picky eater - nutritious food was a constant struggle. Now we're seeing him gobble up sploot meals in one go!"

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