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sploot Crunchies Chicken & Cinnamon | 100% Human Grade Dog Biscuits

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    Caret Down

    Sploot Crunchies Chicken & Cinnamon Dog Biscuits

    At sploot we’re strong believers of keeping it real, and this value translates into our products too. Sploot’s meals are prepared how you would make food for your dog at home. No preservatives, no processing, no fillers or random ingredients. Only “fresh” food.❤️

    🌟About the recipe: 

    Sploot’s all-natural dog treats are hand-baked and come in 3 delicious variants. Each recipe is formulated by our inhouse canine nutritionist. The range of treats includes: veg treats, non veg treats and jerky treats. 

    Our treats are ideal for training, snacking, and munchy moments with your dog”


    Our dedication to ‘fresh’ food for dogs means these treats are made without any preservatives, chemicals, or additives. Only fresh ingredients - stuff that you will find in your kitchen too!
    ❤️ Non veg treats: Oats, eggs, cinnamon & chicken
    ❤️ Veg treats: Oats, pumpkin & carrots
    ❤️ Jerky treats: Coconut oil, chicken breast & turmeric



    Unlike commercial, mass produced treats, sploot crunchies are hand baked, preservative, additive and gluten free. They make for a MUCH healthier choice when picking for your dog! They’re also a great source of fiber and nutrition for your dog. 

    Caution Note- Allergy

    We recommend reading the ingredients carefully, and avoiding any treats which have ingredients that your dog could be/is allergic to.”

    Feeding Guide

    Caret Down

    Based on your dog’s size here are some quantities mentioned below for treats:

    • Small dog    : 8-9 pieces per day
    • Medium dog: 11-12 pieces per day
    • Large dog    : 14-15 pieces per day
    sploot Crunchies | 100% Human Grade Dog Biscuits - Sploot
    sploot Crunchies Chicken & Cinnamon | 100% Human Grade Dog Biscuits
    Caret Down

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