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Sploot is an early stage company that is solving the daily dog care problem through a community led approach. We have over 50k+ community users and have launched two subscription models for dog walking and fresh dog food in Gurgaon with very positive early results.


Daily dog care is broken - and here's how sploot is a solution:


1) Reliable information is scarce: There is heavy reliance on vets - which is inadequate for daily troubles around nutrition and behaviour. The sploot instagram handle & app is home to 50K+ dog parents who ask & answer questions, share experiences, and crowdsource recommendations to reliable products and services across India.


2) Dog Walking solutions are unreliable: Walking your dog is a daily unskippable chore, and is currently being outsourced to untrained domestic workers - leading to a suboptimal solution. A dog walking subscription with sploot gives you access to reliable, trained dog walkers who share live location on walks, track walk metrics like distance and time.


3) Feeding your dog healthy food is inconvenient: Kibble is artificially balanced, but dogs reject it. Regular home food is fresh, but not nutritionally balanced. Making fresh and balanced food is time consuming and unsustainable long term. A fresh dog food subscription with sploot gives you 30 meals of your chosen nutritionally-balanced recipes pre-portioned for your dog's needs, and shipped at once for convenience. 

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Phone: 080-458-88660

Office Address: 

sploot HQ

4-P, Sector 31,

Gurugram, Haryana