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Puppy School | March 2024

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    Caret Down

    Welcome to sploot's March 2024 batch of Puppy School! 🐶

    This is a month-long program with week wise modules which focus on:
    1. Nutrition 🥕
    2. Body language & Puppy basics ✅
    3. Training 🥎
    4. Behaviour 🐕

    The weekly modules include curated content, quizzes to test your knowledge and an online session with canine experts. You will be added to a group chat on the sploot app where you can ask questions and get answers from experienced dog-parents and professionals in the field. [Being active on the sploot app ensures you're able to make the most out of this one month 😇]

    As part of Puppy school you also get the chance to attend two offline events

    1️⃣ The first one will be scheduled in the third week and will be a training event where you will learn the basics of training your dog commands like stay, recall, sit and learn how to correct leash pulling. 

    2️⃣ The second event will be a graduation ceremony which involves an offline-meet up with members of puppy school and the sploot team. We have previously hosted painting and treasure hunt activities for this meet up!

    We work with a diverse set of trainers, behaviourists and nutritionists to bring to you the best information to raise your puppy right. 

    The amount of Rs. 199 covers all 4 online webinars, 2 offline events & content which will be shared with you. This small amount enables up to fairly compensate our partners who help us run Puppy School. This is an introductory price for the course and will be revised for future batches. 

    If you're wondering if this is the right course for you and your dog, there are only 3 requirements:
    - You must be a puppy parent (Dog age < 12 months) 
    - You should be residing in Delhi NCR
    - You want to learn how to be a better dog parent 🧡

    Pst - Your dog will also receive a back-to-school kit from our end, so make sure you're entering the correct address + mobile details :) 

    Puppy School | March 2024 - Sploot
    Puppy School | March 2024

    Rs. 199.00

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