Terms & conditions

Holidays: sploot has a provision for its walkers to take leave(s) during festivals (such as: Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas etc), personal emergencies & illness. If your walker is on a leave during a period of your subscription, sploot will arrange for a replacement walker and coordinate the changes with your beforehand. We appreciate your understanding in this matter

Walker arrival window: The sploot walker will arrive in a 15 mins slot based on your booking time. Eg: your booking time is 12:00 PM, so the walker should arrive between 12:00 PM - 12:15 PM.

Plan inclusions: Each dog walking subscription from sploot includes the following as part of your package:

  • On time, professionally dressed walkers
  • Scooping the poop on walks
  • Paw-cleaning post walk (Only applicable on the 40 min plan)
  • Live Location + walk Stats (Map, time & distance) - this will be based on network compatibility. In the case of low network areas or lower end devices of the walker, the stats may not be a 100% accurate]

Pausing walks:
In case you need to cancel or pause your walks owing to vacations, emergencies or a situation in which your dog is not available for the walk, we would request you to inform us 24 hours in advance.
Any walk cancelled less than 24 hours before the walking slot will not be adjusted or be redeemable for an extension. 

To cancel any walks you can reach out to sploot’s customer support to inform them about any pauses/cancellations or do it through the sploot app.

Walk extensions:

In a case where the walk has been cancelled by sploot due to walker unavailability and the absence of a replacement walker, an additional walk will be added to your walking plan. 

Replacement walker:

If your regular walker is unavailable due to a health issue or unavoidable circumstances we try to find another walker who is familiar with your dog. Upon unavailability of such a walker our second priority will be to send a new walker for that day’s walk.

If replacement is not possible, you will be compensated with an additional walk added to your subscription.

If you have requested a change in walker, we will need 3-5 business day from our end.

In the case that you wish to permanently change the timings of your dog’s walk, we will try to align your regular walker for the new timing. In case he is unavailable due to another commitment, we will allocate a replacement walker, if available. Any temporary changes in timings will be taken on a case to case basis. Please speak to customer support regarding such requests.

Sploot Customer Support: Our customer support team will be available all 7 days of the week from 6am to 10pm. Incase of any queries please feel free to reach out to us through the sploot app, we will reach out to you within 1 hour.

Subscription Cancellation:

  • In case of cancellation within 3 days of walks: No cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • Cancellation after 3 days: After 3 days of continued walks, INR 500 will be charged as a platform fee + pro rata payment due to the walker. 

Walker training: All sploot walkers go through a training program which includes: dog behaviour, understanding body language, app tracking, crisis management and safety. This training is followed by a practical and theoretical examination. Only walkers who qualify become a part of the sploot team.

Walker is unprofessional: We’re sorry if you had a less than perfect experience with a sploot walker. After you report the incident through the sploot app, the team ensures the feedback is shared with the walker and corrective action, if any, is taken immediately.

Risks involved: Please be aware that incidents such as your dog escaping their collar, strays/other pet dogs being aggressive or biting your dog on a walk are a risk. Our walkers are trained to minimise any adverse interaction. In the occurrence of such an accident, the sploot team will work with you to provide the best guidance/resolution possible.

Sploot also remains liable to cover any damages or medical aid needed in such a situation, only up to INR 5000 - on the provision of the required bills/proofs.

Disruptions due to unavoidable circumstances: While we will do our best to ensure we minimise disruptions within our control, we request for your patience in circumstances such as heavy rain, accidents, illness, curfews & acts of god.

Collar & leash mandatory: The customer must provide a well-fit collar and accompanying leash for their dog’s walk. As a policy, sploot walkers will not take any cases of off-leash walking. If requested, sploot will not be liable for any mishap.

Dog Health: We would request you to let us know if your dog is medically fit, vaccinated and dewormed.

Two dogs in one slot: If you’re a dog parent to more than one dog and would like to walk both dogs together, an additional price will be charged for walking two dogs in one slot. INR 1000 for a 40 min walk and INR 500 for a 20 min walk. 

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