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Walking Accessories - Poop Bags (Pack of 30)

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    Caret Down

    Introducing our Biodegradable Poop Bags - The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Solution!

    🌿 Tired of plastic pollution? Choose our sturdy, easy-to-use Poop Bags for a cleaner planet and a happier pup!

    Why Choose Our Poop Bags?

    🌟 Eco-Conscious Convenience: Made from biodegradable materials, our bags are an eco-friendly choice that helps protect the environment while keeping your surroundings clean.

    🌟 Built to Last: Our Poop Bags are designed to be extra sturdy, so you can confidently handle even the messiest of clean-ups without worrying about leaks or tears.

    🌟 User-Friendly: With an easy-to-use design, our bags make clean-up effortless. Just grab, scoop, and tie – it's that simple!

    Join us in the mission to keep our planet clean and green! Switch to our Biodegradable Poop Bags today and make every walk with your dog an eco-conscious and hassle-free experience! 🌎🐕🌿

    Walking Accessories - Poop Bags (Pack of 30) - Sploot
    Walking Accessories - Poop Bags (Pack of 30)

    Rs. 349.00

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