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'Understanding your Dog's Gut Health' by Dr Varun Mehta

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    Caret Down

    Join us for an informative session tailored for dog parents! Join us as we uncover the critical role gut health plays in your dog's overall wellbeing and equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their nutrition, diet and care.

    In this session, we learn about ⬇️
    - Understanding Your dog's digestive system
    - Impact of diet on gut health (raw, kibble, wet, homemade foods)
    - Recognizing and responding to gut health issues
    - Nutritional needs for optimal gut health
    - Link between gut health and overall wellbeing

    📅 27th July (Saturday)
    ⌚ 1:30- 2:30 pm
    💻G-meet (Online)
    🎟️Rs 99 

    About the expert:
    Dr Varun Mehta (MVSc, BVSc & AH Gold Medalist) is a highly skilled consultant veterinarian with 6 years of experience in managing all species and all ages of pets. He’s a seasoned expert in positive lifestyle changes along with nutrition, exercise and pet parent counselling.

    Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself as a better dog parent! Register now to secure your spot and gain invaluable insights into keeping your dog safe and healthy.

    'Understanding your Dog's Gut Health' by Dr Varun Mehta - Sploot
    'Understanding your Dog's Gut Health' by Dr Varun Mehta

    Rs. 99.00

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