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Fresh Food | Taster Pack

Fresh Food | Taster Pack

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Dogs can survive on any food, but they thrive on fresh food! 🙌

sploot fresh food is balanced, appetising & nutritionist approved.The trial pack includes the following recipes of 200g each:
1. Chonky Chimken
2. Grain Free Gobble
3. Millet-o-Fish

Why fresh dog food is better than store bought food, you ask? 🐕

  • A healthy meal that’s cooked with 100% human grade ingredients and has zero preservatives is bound to keep your dog healthier, happier and more fit
  • Easy to store and carry - no refrigeration required
  • sploot fresh food is the perfect choice to make dog parenting hassle free
  • Made extra special with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, coconut oil, eggshell powder & love!

All you need to do is open, serve and watch your dog gobble it up in seconds. 🐶
We guarantee a clean bowl-ed meal every time. 💯

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Frequently Asked Questions 🐶

How can I store the package when it’s closed?

Store it in a clean & dry spot, away from harsh temperatures. A cupboard, shelf or drawer should be perfect. No need for refrigeration if the package is sealed.

How can I store the package when it’s open?

If you haven’t fed the entire contents of the package to your dog, store the remaining food in the refrigerator and consume it within 24 hours.

How can packaged food be fresh?

We use a way of packaging called ‘retort’ where the food is cooked and heated at a high temperature and then sealed. This ensures that no bacteria grows inside the food and it’s fresh and ready to consume when opened.

Are these ingredients nutritional? 

Each ingredient is sourced locally, keeping in mind freshness and safety. All the ingredients are a 100% human grade and we add NO preservatives to our food. It’s healthy, fresh and balanced!

Are these recipes healthy?

Our recipes are formulated by a canine nutritionist, keeping in mind your dog’s dietary requirements and nutritional needs. Each recipe is a complete meal in itself and will ensure your dog gets proper nutrition.