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What to Pack for Your Dog's Stay at a Boarding Kennel

Preparing for your dog's stay at a boarding kennel is essential to ensure their comfort, well-being, and a smooth transition. Here's a checklist of items to pack to make your dog's stay enjoyable and stress-free:

  1. Food and Treats
  • Enough Food: Pack an ample supply of your dog's regular food to last the entire stay. Consider a little extra in case your return is delayed.
  • Portioned Meals: Pre-portion the meals in separate containers or bags labeled with feeding instructions.
  • Treats: Include a few of your dog's favorite treats for positive reinforcement and as a comforting snack.
  1. Medications and Health Records
  • Medications: If your dog requires medication, provide clear instructions, and pack the medication in its original containers.
  • Health Records: Include a copy of your dog's vaccination records and any other relevant health information.
  1. Bedding and Comfort Items
  • Bed or Blanket: Bring your dog's bed or a familiar blanket for added comfort and a sense of home.
  • Favorite Toy: Include one or two of your dog's favorite toys or comfort items to provide a sense of security.
  1. Leash and Collar
  • Leash and Collar: Make sure your dog has a sturdy leash and collar with identification tags that include your contact information.
  1. Grooming Supplies
  • Brush: Pack a brush appropriate for your dog's coat type to keep them comfortable and mat-free.
  • Shampoo and Towel: Include your dog's shampoo and a towel in case they need a bath during their stay.
  1. Contact Information
  • Emergency Contacts: Provide contact information for yourself and a local emergency contact who can make decisions on your behalf if needed.
  1. Feeding and Medication Instructions
  • Feeding Instructions: Write clear feeding instructions including portion sizes and any dietary restrictions.
  • Medication Instructions: Include detailed instructions on when and how to administer medications.
  1. Emergency Supplies
  • Contact Information: Include the contact information of your veterinarian in case of a medical emergency.
  • Payment Information: Leave a credit card or provide payment details in case additional expenses arise during your dog's stay.
  1. Information About Your Dog
  • Behavioral Information: Share any relevant behavioral information, such as fears, triggers, or special preferences.
  • Routines: Inform the kennel staff about your dog's daily routine, including exercise needs and bedtime habits.
  1. Comfort and Familiar Scents

Shirt or Blanket: Leave an old shirt or blanket with your scent on it to provide comfort and familiarity to your dog.

  1. Important Documents
  • Boarding Agreement: Ensure you have a signed boarding agreement with the kennel, detailing rates, dates, and any specific requests.
  • Emergency Care Authorization: Sign a document authorizing the kennel to seek emergency veterinary care if necessary.
  1. Time for Transition
  • Plan Ahead: Drop off your dog with enough time for them to acclimate to their new environment before you leave. This helps reduce stress.
  • Positive Goodbye: Say goodbye to your dog in a positive and reassuring manner to ease their transition.

Remember that different boarding kennels may have specific requirements or recommendations, so it's always a good idea to check with the kennel in advance to ensure you have everything your dog needs for their stay. With proper preparation and thoughtful packing, you can help ensure that your dog's stay at the boarding kennel is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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