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Pet Sitting Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts for Pet Owners

Pet sitting etiquette is essential to ensure a positive and respectful relationship between pet owners and pet sitters. Following proper etiquette helps create a harmonious experience for both parties and ensures the well-being of the pets involved. Here are some dos and don'ts for pet owners to consider:

Dos for Pet Owners:

Provide Clear Instructions:

Do provide detailed care instructions, including feeding schedules, medication administration, exercise routines, and any specific preferences or quirks your pet has.

Communicate Openly:

Do maintain open and honest communication with your pet sitter. Share any concerns, changes in plans, or updates about your pet's behavior or health.

Respect the Sitter's Time:

Do be punctual when meeting with your pet sitter to discuss care arrangements or handover your pet. Respect their time and schedule.

Inform of Changes:

Do inform your pet sitter promptly if there are any changes in your travel plans or return time. This helps them plan their visits accordingly.

Leave Contact Information:

Do provide your contact information and that of a backup person who can assist the pet sitter in case of emergencies.

Prepare Adequate Supplies:

Do ensure you have enough pet food, treats, medications, and other necessary supplies available for your pet during your absence.

Payment and Gratuity:

Do discuss payment terms and gratuity with your pet sitter in advance. Pay promptly for their services and consider leaving a gratuity as a token of appreciation.

Respect Their Expertise:

Do respect the pet sitter's knowledge and experience. Trust their judgment when it comes to your pet's care and well-being.

Don'ts for Pet Owners:


Don't micromanage your pet sitter. Avoid constant messages or instructions unless there is a genuine need. Trust their competence.

Surprise Visits:

Don't surprise your pet sitter with unexpected visits during your absence. It can disrupt their routine and cause stress to your pet.

Change Plans Last Minute:

Don't make last-minute changes to your pet sitting arrangements without discussing them with the sitter. This can lead to confusion and inconvenience.

Overload with Tasks:

Don't overload your pet sitter with additional tasks or responsibilities outside the agreed-upon pet care. Discuss and agree upon any extra services beforehand.

Neglect Payment:

Don't neglect your payment responsibilities. Pay the pet sitter as agreed upon and in a timely manner for the services they provide.

Provide Incomplete Information:

Don't provide incomplete or inaccurate information about your pet's care. Detailed instructions are crucial for the pet sitter to provide proper care.

Disregard Boundaries:

Don't disregard the boundaries set by your pet sitter. Respect their privacy and the terms of your agreement.

Forget Emergency Contacts:

Don't forget to provide emergency contact information, including your veterinarian's details, and ensure your pet sitter knows where to access your pet's medical records.

By following these dos and don'ts, pet owners can create a positive and respectful relationship with their pet sitter, leading to a more harmonious and stress-free experience for both the pets and the caregiver.

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