5 Compelling Reasons to Choose an Indie Dog for Adoption

Did you know that in India, there are approximately 62 million dogs residing in shelters without a loving home or a caring family of their own? Unfortunately, biases against Indie dogs not only deprive them of the affectionate homes they deserve but also perpetuate an unethical and illegal breeding industry.

While there may be subjective reasons behind the lack of love and appreciation for Indie dogs, those who have welcomed these indigenous breeds into their lives will attest that they provide just as much love, fulfillment, and happiness as any other beloved pet. If you're contemplating adopting your first, second, or nth dog and are unsure about bringing an Indie dog into your home, allow us to present you with five compelling reasons why they make exceptional pets and are truly worthy of your care.

Exceptional Companionship

Love knows no bounds! Indie dogs can be just as affectionate and charming as any other dog breed. Like all pets, they may require some effort to adapt to your lifestyle and surroundings, but with a dedicated human companion and proper support, Indie dogs can become lifelong best friends.

Protective and Devoted

Indie dogs are inherently protective of their families and packs. They not only make wonderful companion animals but also possess a keen sense of danger and a fierce loyalty that makes them excellent guardians of their homes. Their protective instincts and agile physique have even led some Indie dogs to serve alongside special task forces in the Indian police.

Resilient and Adaptable

The robust physical attributes of Indie dogs are the result of natural selection, making them resilient and less prone to health issues compared to some pedigree breeds. Additionally, their native adaptation to the Indian climate often means they have short coats, making grooming a breeze. By providing them with a suitable diet, regular vaccinations, and ample exercise, adopting an Indie dog can be a mutually rewarding decision for both you and your furry companion.

Remember, while Indie dogs are generally low-maintenance due to their sturdy build, it's always advisable to schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian to monitor their health history and address any special needs they may have

Excellent Communicators

Indie dogs possess natural intelligence and are highly communicative. When properly socialized, they can interact harmoniously with other dogs. Their expressive nature ensures that you'll never experience a dull moment with them. Like all dogs, Indie dogs require training, which plays a vital role in helping them adjust to your home. Their communicative abilities make them easily trainable, with changes in their communication and expressions serving as markers of their progress.

Advocates for Compassion

Breed bias is a real issue that affects both Indie dogs and pedigree dogs, subjecting them to cruelty on the streets and unethical breeding practices. In India, there are approximately 80 million homeless cats and dogs, with 9.1 million being stray cats, 62 million being stray dogs, and around 8.8 million residing in shelters. Choosing to adopt an Indie dog rather than purchasing one not only brings a loving companion into your life but also serves as a blessing for overcrowded shelters and a step toward positive change in the world of pet ownership.

Kindness truly matters, In the grander scheme of things, adopting an Indie dog or a street dog adds value to more than just your life—it makes a difference.

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